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Company Overview

Founded in 2013, Natgas Global Resources Inc. is a worldwide provider of premium natural gas processing equipment and professional services. Our core is built around some of the most experienced & dedicated people and partners whom have worked in our natural gas industry for decades, improving the design, efficiency and reliability of every product and service we provide. Our business concept is to build our team with experience trustworthy people who now the industry as well as interaction with the local environments and making long term partnerships of sound business ethics with strong regional support. 

“Our satisfaction is our clients successful and profitable project, completed on time with reliable equipment and operating the way it was designed, no surprises.”

Natgas has lean, fast paced and efficient infrastructure of global sales & management, project managers, engineers, fabrication partnerships, a refurbish and overhaul center and highly experienced procurement & service group to provide high level of expertise at every level of a project and then manage it from start to finish. Our focus is to supply our clients with top quality equipment and successfully complete each project in a safe, efficient and professional manner, meeting or exceeding our clients expectations.

Company Values

Always Improving

Our business mindset is to encourage all members of our team, whether it be a client, partner or employee, to share any concerns, new ideas or methods to improve the way we do business at every divisional level. Our goal is to make Natgas Global Resources Inc. a place where our employees, partners, suppliers and customers feel confident and comfortable with the way we conduct our day to day business and we do that by being compliant with policies, practices & laws, create a safe and experienced working environment with trustworthy business ethics everywhere we do business worldwide.


Business Ethics

Consistent with the continuing policy and practice of Natgas Global Resources Inc. (the “Company”) with respect to conducting its business and consistent with best practices, the Company is committed to fully complying with all U.S. and other laws and regulations applicable to its business. Such laws and regulations include the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (also known as the “FCPA”) and other U.S. laws and regulations that at any time may apply to its business.

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Working with Confidence

Natgas Global Resources is committed to make a knowledgeable, safe and accident free work place for all our employees with a commitment to training and advancement opportunities. This helps to create experienced global support resources and builds confidence with our clients so they get the very most out of our solutions with seamless and safe operations.

Operations Director - PT Arsynergy Resources

Sales of New or Refurbished Equipment, Lease/Purchase, Purchase Yours/Lease Back, Straight Rental or Rental with “Hands Free” Operating & Maintenance, Investment & Profit Sharing.

Project & Construction Management, Engineering & Design, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning, Operating & Maintenance, Equipment Refurbish & Reconfiguring, Component Overhaul, Call-Out Service & Spare Parts.

Natgas can provide a complete turnkey solution with the most efficient built plants today no matter with the size requirement or type of solution including; LPG & Propane Extraction, LNG Liquification & De-Liquification, Membrane & Amine Sour Gas Removal Units, Nitrogen Removal and Fuel Gas Conditioning, to name a few.

Natgas can offer just about any type of compression solution including; Field Gathering Pipeline Booster Compressors, Gas Lift & Storage Injection,  Process Feed & Residue, CNG/NGV, Fuel Gas Booster Systems for Turbines and Complete Compression Stations with all the Production Equipment.

Natgas has a full line of production equipment we can offer with most of it in stock or having quick deliveries including: Liquid & Solids Separation, Dehydration, Filtration, Metering, Pre-Production Units, FPSO Top-Side Modules, Transfer & Injection pump, Steam & Chemical Wellhead Injection.

Natgas has a direct line to used and new power generators from 50KW to 5000KW reciprocating engine driven units for either standby or continuos electrical power or turbine units up to 150MW each. We can even offer Private Power Provider solutions with percent of profit incentives and investment.

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